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Industries Served by All Florida Medical Waste

All Florida Medical Waste provides a full range of waste disposal services for organizations in many different industries. We put our knowledge to use in managing medical waste for our customers. We stay up to date on current regulations in an ever-changing field.

Hospital Waste

Hospitals are manufacturers of various kinds of medical waste. They treat patients with terminal and contagious diseases and handle multiple categories of waste during the daily processes. All Florida Medical Waste takes care of biohazardous waste to allow the medical staff to prioritize patient care. Since we make medical waste our sole focus, we stay current on regulations to ensure the hospital maintains compliance. Some of the types of medical waste we handle include the following:

  • Sharps – sharp objects that can cut or pierce the skin, such as razors, needles, scissors and scalpels
  • Chemical – includes disinfectants, solvents, batteries and other items with chemicals
  • Pathological – this waste includes blood, bodily fluids, tissue and other human fluids
  • Infectious waste – tissues, lab cultures, swabs and equipment
  • Pharmaceuticals – medication, antibiotics and other drugs, which are unused

Each type of medical waste must be handled according to specific regulations. All Florida Medical Waste can take care of hospital waste to protect your organization.

Pharmaceutical Waste

Pharmacies create a lot of medical waste through the development of medications. This includes individual ingredients as well as the complete drugs in liquid and solid forms. The medications may be categorized as following:

  • P-list – these medications are acutely hazardous, such as nicotine patches
  • U-list – this includes chemotherapy drugs
  • Characteristic hazardous waste – these drugs don’t fit the other lists, but they are still considered hazardous

Pharmacies and other medical facilities that handle medications must handle and dispose of hazardous medications in the proper manner as dictated by federal regulations as well as state and local statutes.

Health Professional Waste

Professional healthcare offices may come into contact with hazardous waste even if they don’t treat patients directly. They may be laboratories that process specimens or provide various equipment and supplies to medical facilities. Medical offices that treat patients will often have medical waste to dispose of. This may include equipment and supplies that contain blood or other bodily fluids, sharps that have been discarded, tissues of humans or animals, cultures of infectious diseases and any waste in a room where a patient with communicable diseases was treated. In addition, there may be a need to dispose of documents that may be shredded.

A medical waste disposal company will take care of each type of waste in accordance with the regulations. All Florida Medical Waste is experienced and knowledgeable in disposing of medical waste for all types of clinics and offices.

Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Waste

While nursing homes and assisted living centers don’t generate the same types of waste that is found in hospitals and clinics, they do have waste that must be disposed of properly. You will have sharps to deal with in these facilities, such as needles, razors, scissors and other sharp objects. It can even mean broken glass. All sharps must be disposed of in containers that have been made to hold sharp objects.

Medications are another waste that is found in nursing homes and assisted living centers. Seniors often have prescription or over-the-counter drugs to take as part of their daily routine. Unused or expired medications cannot be thrown in regular trash but must be disposed of carefully.

Other hazardous waste found in these centers include bandages and bedding with bodily fluids from patients. If someone becomes sick with a contagious disease, items that could contain the virus or bacteria would also be treated as hazardous.

No matter what type of medical facility you have, you can trust All Florida Medical Waste to dispose of it according to federal, state, and local guidelines.

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