Biotechnology Companies

Biotech companies generate a lot of waste in their daily operations. Much of the waste is regulated medical waste. However, it is critical to know how to dispose of this and other types of waste properly to maintain compliance with federal agencies and state and local laws. All Florida Medical Waste is here to make your life easier by helping you stay up to date on compliance.

Waste Disposal

Biotech companies have specific needs for waste disposal. They may generate different categories of waste which must be disposed of in the correct manner as regulated by the federal government, by the state or local ordinances.

Biohazardous materials must be placed in containers which label them as such. Sharp objects, such as needles, razor blades and scissors, must be kept in containers for sharps. All materials must be contained and cannot overflow the container.

Biologically contaminated materials must be placed in a specific container for autoclaving or soaking before they can be discarded as regular medical waste. The purpose for this step is to deactivate any bacteria or other chemicals and make the waste safer to handle.

Chemical disposal is often dictated by the local municipality. Liquid and powder chemicals cannot be flushed down the drain because they would end up in the wastewater, which would go into ground water.

All containers must be labeled according to regulations. Each type of waste must be kept separate from other waste containers and ensure proper disposal.

Challenges for Biotech Companies

Biotech companies must stay up to date on the latest regulations and any changes for the industry. They are responsible for maintaining compliance and being aware of new requirements. The managers and supervisors must provide containers that meet standards for the type of waste being handled. They must keep them labeled as required.

It is also the task of the company to train all employees on identifying and disposing of all waste correctly. One of the main issues is with employees who place waste into the wrong container because of misidentification.

Transporting the waste from the site to the disposal site is another challenge. Most companies hire an outside source for transport. However, they must realize they are still responsible for the waste even after it has left their location. They must ensure it is transported correctly with the right documentation until it arrives at the final disposal site and is disposed of.

For this reason, it is beneficial to the biotech companies to hire a medical waste disposal company. They specialize in hazardous and medically regulated waste. The team stays up to date on current regulations and trains staff on proper methods of transport and disposal. Because the waste disposal company specializes in medical waste, they are a valuable resource to help the biotech company meet regulations.

If your company is in need of a waste disposal company, contact All Florida Medical Waste. We’ll help you dispose of your hazardous and non-hazardous waste and maintain compliance for your industry.

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