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All Florida Medical Waste – Picking/Preparing for The Nursing Home

The move into any nursing home, assisted living facility, or senior facility can be very stressful. Both the resident and their loved ones face a step that represents a turning point of decline in that person's ability to manage daily tasks, care, and hygiene routines. But it is essential for everyone to focus on the positives and benefits of the move, such as help with housekeeping and cooking, instant assistance in the event of an accident or issue, and heightened safety for the resident. Once that hurdle is cleared, it will be easier to get down to the task at hand, creating a comfortable living space.

What Is Included And Provided?

When selecting a facility, the focus is often on the level of medical care and assistance provided. And while that is critical information, there are many other questions to be answered about daily living. Before packing up belongings and household items, you need to know what the facility will provide and what should be taken with your loved one from home. Some of the most common questions about included services and items include:

  • Are bedding and towels
  • Are linens laundered
  • Is there private cable TV in the room
  • Is Wi-Fi provided
  • Can personal clothing be laundered
  • Are TV, clock, or other small electronics provided
  • Is there a message center or board for posting notes and photos
  • Can a mini-fridge be in the room

Clothing And Personal Items

Remember that space is limited, and a cluttered room can create safety issues. Determine what will fit in the available storage space of closets and dressers. Limit the sections accordingly, but remember that the temperature is often out of the resident's control. So include a few sweaters or jackets. And focus on taking favorite pieces of clothing and accessories. A purse, wallet, favorite bracelet, or ball cap can help your loved one feel comforted and ready to face this significant lifestyle change.

Hygiene products are also very important to some people. A specific brand or scent is simply a part of their daily routine. And by including those soaps, lotions, or shampoos, some normalcy can remain in your loved one's daily activities.

Personal Décor

Check with the facility to determine how much latitude you have when decorating your loved one's space. A familiar picture or piece of artwork, a treasured family photo, or a favorite blanket or decorative pillow can brighten the room and your loved one's face. Also, inquire about limitations for décor on the door. This personal touch will help your loved one find their door more easily.

Favorite Activities

Including a few items related to hobbies and activities will help keep your loved one active and happy. Puzzles, craft materials, books, and magazines can go a long way to helping them settle into their new home and daily routine.

To learn more about making your loved one's transition to a nursing home less traumatic, contact the senior care experts at All Florida Medical Waste for guidance whether you are in Orlando, Kissimmee, or Altamonte Springs.

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