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Schools and universities have diverse and unique needs when it comes to waste disposal. Such a large organization also has a myriad of tasks to handle beyond waste disposal. It’s critical and beneficial to find a waste disposal company that can take care of these challenges.

Laboratory Waste

Laboratories on campuses and even in elementary and high schools often handle a variety of chemicals, which need careful disposal. Each category of ingredients may have different regulations and requirements for storage and disposal. When you add in rotating faculty and different curriculum, it becomes quite a task to keep up with.

The disposal process for laboratories includes identifying and categorizing each chemical while segregating them by type. Each must be packaged according to regulations and school policy. Failure to do so could mean hefty fines for the school.

Hazardous Waste

College campuses and universities have a wide variety of hazardous waste onsite. They can range from cleaning solvents to products used on equipment maintenance to medical waste from the school nurse and medical studies departments.

Animals are often used in lab experiments, which must be disposed of properly after the class. If the university includes veterinary or medical studies, these departments will have their own unique disposal needs. This may include the following:

  • Sharps, such as needles, syringes, and scalpels
  • Blood products
  • Organic tissue from labs
  • Infectious agents and cultures
  • Chemical solutions
  • Solid waste, such as gloves and towels
  • Liquid waste, such as blood and bodily fluids
  • X-ray film and chemicals
  • Pathological waste
  • Disinfectants

The university must comply with all federal regulations as well as those of the state and county or city. You not only need to know how to identify the different types of waste but how to label and dispose of them onsite. The university is also responsible for what happens to the waste once it leaves the school grounds. Final disposal, including processes to make the waste harmless or incineration may be necessary to dispose of certain types of waste. It’s critical to have a waste disposal company that is up to date on current regulations with specialization in the medical industry.

Customized Waste Disposal

Because no two schools will have the exact same waste needs, it is important to be able to customize your disposal needs. All Florida Medical Waste Disposal allows you to determine how often you receive service based on needs and budget. We can help ensure your team is using the correct bins and containers for every type of waste your school deals with.

It’s important that staff are trained on the process of waste disposal, including handling, labeling and documenting. This step helps to ensure your school maintains compliance throughout the entire process.

Even as schools and universities go more paperless, the need for shredding confidential documents still exists. All Florida Medical Waste will take care of all your document shredding needs, ensuring everything is kept in a secure manner until the process has been completed to protect you, your staff, and your students.

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